Bay reservoirs

Bay reservoirs pose a difficult challenge for Vue as some manufactures require a gap of air to remain in the reservoir for it to function properly. Any additional air introduced to a loop running Vue will cause Vue to breakdown overtime.

Aluminum water-cooling components

Aluminum water-cooling components are not compatible with Vue as over a brief period Vue breaks apart and loses all Vue effects.

Mayhem Pastel, EK Cryofuel, Thermaltake C1000 coolants

Mayhem Pastel, EK Cryofuel and Thermaltake C1000 are popular coolants that people switch over to Vue. Although they are water-cooling coolants, we have found that they leave a residue/build up on the components in your system. We have not been able to find a way to remove this build up with a simple flush of the system. We have had some success in getting Vue to work with system that had this coolant prior with a total tear down of the system and complete scrub of the cooling components with warm soapy water.

Thermaltake RL Series Radiators

Thermaltake RL series Radiators are constructed of aluminum and are not compatible with Vue as over a short period of time Vue breaks apart and loses all Vue effects.

Enermax NEOChanger Reservoir

Enermax NEOChanger Reservoir has an aluminum cap that comes in contact with Vue and breaks it down over a short period of time.

Silver Coils,  Silver components, Silver plated components

Silver Coils, Silver components, and Silver plated components are not compatible with Vue as the release of silver from these sources break the structure of Vue and will cause the fluid to lose all effects.

Addition of water, dyes, anti-microbial, anti-corrosive

Addition of water, dyes, anti-microbial, and anti-corrosive will cause Vue to break down as the chemical balance in Vue is altered with the addition of any of these. If you need to top of your loop than it needs to be topped off with Vue of the same color. Do not mix assorted colors of Vue as each color is balanced to specific levels that should not be altered.

Any fittings that have a non-nickel interior finish

It’s important to choose the right set of fittings as Vue and the interior of each fitting make contact. Always choose a fitting that has a nickel finish inside. Stay away from non nickel finishes and interior painted fittings as this can cause Vue to breakdown.

Causes Vue to drop.

XSPC X4 Photon