Having all the tools for your watercooling loop and install is important for your sanity, and this System soap is a must for any watercooler's tool box. Simple and straightforward System soap can be used for the following purposes for your cooling loop.


  • Cleaning your water cooling parts before install - Mix a few drops with warm water and scrub your parts to a pristine clean.

  • Perfect lube for bending rigid tube - Mix a few drops with warm water and soak your bending cord. - Before inserting bend cord, add a few drops right into the end of the tube and your cord will slide in perfectly with no oil residue.

  • Gentle non-toxic cleaner for those hard to remove coolant collections. Fill your loop with DI or Distilled water and warm up the loop by gaming/benching or simply unplug a couple fans and the water in the loop will heat right up. Once heated up add a couple drops to the system while the pump is running, not too much as you will have a foam fest.

  • Washing your hands. Perfect soap for cleaning your hands up after an all day computer building session.