The PrimoChill Rad Clean - Radiator Cleaning Treatment is a solution for cleaning radiators outside of a loop. By using this cleaner you can "scrub" the inside of your rad without fear of damaging other components, seals or acrylic! This solution is easy to mix, easy to use, and gets you ready to go!


  • Water Based

  • Environmentally Responsible, Safe, and Non Toxic Product

  • Concentrate - Just Add 1/2 bottle to 32oz of DI or distilled water

  • No special equipment (gloves, goggles) needed


  • Included:2oz Rad Clean, 2 plastic fittings w/ orings, 1 threaded funnel

  • Dosage: Mix 1/2 bottle with 32oz of DI or distilled water



Rad Clean is compatible with the internal metals found in radiators only! Using Rad Clean on nickel items are NOT compatible!