Step 6 - adding PRIMOPREP

Primochill PrimoPrep™ was developed to address some of the most common issues that plague the computer water cooling industry. The mixes of metals in water cooling, from nickel plating to raw cooper and everything in between has always made some coolants not as reliable and simple to use.

PrimoPrep's unique formulation pre-treats your cooling loop to ensure compatibility with today high performance coolants as well as those incredible "Showcase Coolants". The pre-treatment helps control the fluctuation of the PH levels in your system caused by high levels of copper mostly from large capacity radiators. With this treatment it also prepares the system for use of coolants in a mix metal closed loop environment leaving the guesswork a thing of the past.

For this pre-treatment to work correctly and last following the instructions below are VERY IMPORTANT. 

  1. Install your cooling loop and double-check connections to ensure loop is “closed”. No Leaks!

  2. Mix 2oz PrimoPrep bottle with 32oz of distilled or DI water.  Depending on the size of your system you may need more than one 32oz bottle.  Diluting this mixture will cause the pre-treatment to be less effective.  So please only mix the 2oz bottle with 32oz of water and than use that "Treated Water". 

  3. Fill your system entirely full with the "Treated Water", do this slowly to avoid spillage and creating air pockets.

  4. Once filled with the "Treated Water" please turn on the system or your pump and let run for a minimum of 72hrs (3 days).  Running less than 72 hrs will make the treatment less effective.  You may use the pc while this treatment is being circulated, so game on.

  5. After 72 hrs please drain the "Treated Water" and dispose. PrimoPrep can be safely disposed in your kitchen sink and/or any other drain

  6. Fill you loop backup with di or distilled water and thoroughly flush your system till water till it runs clean. Inspect drained water for debris or foreign particles. Dispose of drained water. Repeat flush if needed.

  7. Fill with your favorite PrimoChill coolant. For help on proper ways to fill your loop, click the button below.

Final TIPS

When using show fluids and other visually enhanced fluids, it’s always important to pay a little bit more attention and never slack on doing your maintenance on your pc. here’s some final tips before enjoying your pc.

  • Don’t skip any of the prep instructions as taking shortcuts can lead to more work in the long run.

  • Do constant quick checks for leaking or change in fluid color or breakdown. We recommend every few days to look over your system. If you see a small leak or breakdown, always shut the system off. Reach out to support to help with troubleshooting.

  • Think of your new watercooled computer as a vehicle. It requires it’s maintenance in order for it to maintain it’s highest performance. So just like giving an oil change to a vehicle, you always want to give a fluid change to your computer. Check the product page for the fluid you choose to see what we recommend on fluid change.

  • If you see slight color change this doesn’t mean that your fluid is failing, but that the PH slightly changed. Pay special attention to your computer to ensure that breakdown of the coolant doesn’t occur.