PrimoChill & Bykski Partnering Up


We’re excited to announce some big news here at PrimoChill. We’ve been hard at work this year to introduce new products along with looking into a partnership that will only be beneficial for our amazing customer base.

So we’re proud to announce that Bykski and PrimoChill are officially partnering up to ensure that you get the most products possible at the highest quality.

So what does this mean for PrimoChill? Well for starters this opens up a brand new avenue for our customers to get high quality Bykski waterblocks with ease. On top of that our amazing customer service will also be there to help support Bykski’s products.

In addition, this is an unique opportunity as we’ll be adopting Bykski’s blocks into our ecosystem, along with evolving them into our SX family. They’ll be tested with our hardware and will become part of a solid ecosystem that we’ve worked so hard to create. This partnership will truly expand our product line for beginning and advanced watercoolers alike.

With this partnership aside, we’re more emerged than ever on our own projects, including waterblocks, cases, reservoirs, fittings, and so much more. Our goal has always been to continually evolve and change the landscape of computer watercooling. We’ve been committed to this idea for the last 17 years and we look forward to doing it for the foreseeable future.

This is an exciting partnership that we know will be beneficial to all of you. So look forward to all the exciting upcoming products, and until next time keep it cool!

Here's to another Journey!


We have some big news for our incredible community. After 16 extraordinary years, PrimoChill is once again expanding. We are officially relocating our headquarters to Boise, Idaho.

What does this mean to our community?

Short term impacts will be quick and minimal. Our website will still be be enabled to receive orders during this transition, however, there may be delays on some orders placed after Tuesday, August 14. Fulfilling orders will remain our priority, but we ask for your patience during this time.

What will long term impacts be, and why are we relocating our headquarters?

After a long and hard decision by leadership, the entire PrimoChill team has decided to be under one roof once again. Like any long distance relationship it takes a lot of work. As a small team we realize that our processes, ideas, and ultimately our best products are created when we’re all in-sync together in the same location.

With that said, throughout these past few years our team has done a superb job at surpassing all expectations. This has led to several PrimoChill staff members, from shipping to production, joining us on this next chapter.

In addition, this decision will help contribute to streamlining of production lines, ensuring that our customers continue to get the best quality products while receiving quicker and cheaper shipping methods.  

This is an exciting next chapter for PrimoChill. Not only will this improve our overall customer experience by introducing more quality choices in computer watercooling, but will also allow us to continue to expand and deliver products that the PrimoChill community desires and have come to expect.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on any of our social outlets or through our support channels.

Thanks again for all of your support and we look forward to another journey with all of you!

The PrimoChill Team

Welcome to the new

As a company, the PrimoChill team strives to provide the best on a consistent basis. It’s always been our desire to show this within our products, through our support, and in the computers we create. Our website was the final push to establish a complete experience for our customers. For you! Welcome to the new

The goal of this new website is to bring information to new builders while continuously providing seasoned builders with as much material as could be desired. We have also taken the time to simplify and speed up the shopping process in order to make your experience better so you can get to building sooner. In our efforts to accomplish that, information on our products has been organized in such a way that should answer most of your questions and needs.

In addition, we will also be taking a closer look at you, our community members. Because at the end of the day you are the true reason that keeps us going. So checkout our new community section that will be featuring your builds. And be sure to tag us on social media. We want to see the work you do and the incredible ways you use our products.

Keep us in the loop… Pun intended.

And thank you for stopping by. Enjoy!

Staff Build

Apology for the lengthy comment. Our Creative Director insisted we post his insight. So without further ado a letter from our Creative Director.

Meet Tyrion P. Named after the color Tyrian Purple, but more importantly after my favorite character in Game of Thrones. I thought it be fitting to name my first watercooled PC after him. You see, just like Tyreal’s character, opportunities and risks come to all of us. And it’s what we do with these opportunities that makes life so unique and fascinating. So being that I work for a watercooling company I knew it was my obligation to master the processes of doing a custom loop. And although I found it daunting at first, I soon realized that it’s a lot less scary and a lot more rewarding than I first imagined. With due diligence, careful planning, and lots of help from my peers, it became apparent to me on why you all love this industry so much. It was by far one of the more gratifying experiences I’ve had. And even though I was incredibly happy with the final product, I would be lying to you if I said that there weren’t obstacles and struggles. Like any form art, it takes patience and a lot of swearing to master a craft (which I’m not quite there yet). In fact, let’s say I was quite thankful for being next to the room that holds all of our PETG tubing. To be honest I needed a stick or two. . . Or ten. So I write this to speak to all of our new watercoolers out there. I want you to know that you are not the only ones that have no idea what they are doing. There’s thousands of us that are intrigued by this craft yet brutally terrified of it. So as a company we pledge to all of you that we will continue our pursuit to create an experience that makes watercooling easier to understand. Within the next few months we will be pushing out instructional videos, a new website that explains the exact process of watercooling, expansive manuals, and other assets for all of you. We want this to be something that you love as much as we do.

So thank you for your continued support. You are the true MVP’s, the people that make this all viable. The community that keeps us striving to see what’s possible. You are the inspiration to all of us here at PrimoChill. So keep sharing your creations .Keep giving us feedback. Keep being part of the community. Your voice is heard.

So until next time, keep it cool.

Nestor Pena
Creative Director of PrimoChill