Choosing the right tubing

Asking yourself what tubing you want is often the first question asked when building out a loop. Seeing watercooled loops plastered across the internet with cool bends and different materials can really get the imagination going. Before deciding on your final type of tubing, it’s important to put in perspective your experience and skill level along with the pro’s and con’s of each type of tubing.


lrt tubing


Are you new to custom loops? Do you want an easy solution to custom water-cooling without the headache of hard bends or extensive time replacing loops? Well then our LRT tubing is the exact tubing for you. With its ease of use and phenomenal look, this tubing provides excellent performance while allowing you to create that custom loop you want.



PETG tubing


PETG is the perfect solution for those who want that sexy hard loop look without the hassle of working with a material that’s hard to bend. It’s an easy plastic to bend and with the right tools such as our RFB finishing bets, benders, and cutters, PETG is the easiest solution to a hard line loop. Some downsides come with PETG tubing. It’s not as clear as it’s other counterparts (glass or acrylic), it has a lower temperature threshold, and it stains easier. It can also be used in straight runs using angled fitting to truly create an easy hardline loop.


ACRYLIC tubing


Unlike PETG, Acrylic is a slightly more difficult plastic to work with. It is more prone to cracking and requires higher temperatures and more skill when bending. But for what it lacks in ease of use makes up for both performance and aesthetics. Acrylic has a higher heat threshold and will be slightly more clear than PETG. One can also utilize straight runs utilizing our rotary angled fittings allowing easier use and less headache when replacing old tubing with new.



COPPER tubing


Copper tubing can oftentimes create some of the most unique and robust loops. Copper is a phenomenal when dissipating heat and can withstand extreme heat. It’s the ultimate metal for any loop. And if you’re familiar with working with metal, it can be a fun and unique experience. Tools are needed to both bend and cut metals, and if not done correctly, difficulty while measuring, cutting, and bending can become difficult. It’s and unforgiving material when trying to take millimeters off of the ends, and if bent, won't’ make a seal with fittings. Some also enjoy seeing their fluid flow thru their tubing. With copper this can’t happen, but can be powder coated/painted to create other visual effects. 



GLASS tubing


Glass tubing is often considered the most difficult medium for any loop. From it’s difficulty of cutting and bending, to the possibility of it cracking, glass is for the experts of experts. For what it lacks in ease of use absolutely is made up in sure beauty and performance. It’s hard to stain, it can adsorb high heat, and there’s nothing more clear on the marketing, truly showcasing your coolant. Utilizing rotary fittings and truly measuring your loop out is essential and we only recommend glass if you’re proficient in watercooling.