Step 6 - adding PrimoChill Utopia

Liquid Utopia offers a full line of protection against algae and corrosion when added to new or existing cooling loops. This is required if you decide to use a loop that has no anti-corrosion or anti-algae protection. If you’re unsure look up the fluid you’re look to use or contact our support. For all information on fluids check out our fluid page. Liquid Utopia is easy to use and requires little effort.

  1. add your entire 15ml bottle of Utopia to either 1 gallon of Di, Ro, or our PrimoChill base fluid.

  2. Mix thoroughly.

  3. Use the new mixture as your final fluid for your PC.

  4. keep the remainder of the fluid mixture for topping off and for future use. Be sure to store your extra fluid in a dark and regulated area to ensure longevity.

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Final TIPS

Our Pc base and DI/RO fluids are your most robust fluids and require the least amount of maintenance. However with any water cooled loop we advice that you follow these tips to help ensure a stress free experience.

  • Do constant quick checks for leaking or change in fluids. We recommend every few days to look over your system. If you see color change in your fluid or a small leak, always shut the system off. Reach out to support to help with troubleshooting.

  • Think of your new watercooled computer as a vehicle. It requires it’s maintenance in order for it to maintain it’s highest performance. So just like giving an oil change to a vehicle, you always want to give a fluid change to your computer. We recommend changing these robust fluids once a year.

  • If you decide to add colored dye we recommend you using primoprep before adding your base and fluid as that will help with maintaining a healthy PH significantly helping with little to no color change in your fluid.