PrimoChill is a PC hardware company focused on the continual development and evolution of the watercooling industry. It was founded by the curiosity and love of watercooling and has since evolved into one of the industry leaders through the passion and dedication of its team. Family founded, PrimoChill’s roots started with a humble beginning. With years of commitment and endless night of no sleep, it has transitioned into a company that has brought some of the most influential and original hardware to the community. From the Revolver fitting to the robust LRT tubing, PrimoChill has always focused to bring the most innovative and high quality products the industry has to offer.




Primochill is founded

Starting from a garage, Brian and Melissa Farrell decided to begin a journey that would unfold into the PrimoChill we know today. 




PrimoChill's first major product is released giving the industry tubing that is high quality, logo mark free, and environmentally sustainable. 



pc ice introduced

The non-conductive fluid mixture is released, jump starting the rich history in PC fluids. 



Typhoon Dual Bay RESERVOIR

Before there was the CTR, there was the bay reservoir showing up in some of the biggest builds of the early 2000's. Throughout the next several years the Typhoon Reservoir went through several revisions before the CTR took over the reign. 



CTR Prototyping Begins

The advanced and beloved CTR begins its research and development stages creating a product that has lasted for 10 years. 



Ghost Compression Fittings

The predecessor to the RSX fitting, the Ghost Compression Fitting was the first of it's kind, showing up in builds 10 years later.



Introduction of CTR

The CTR hit the market in full force transforming the water cooling market to what it is today. 



Acrylic Wetbench

Every solid product had to start somewhere. For the Wetbench it started in acrylic. RIP, you were our inspiration for what the Wetbench is today. 



Revolver SX fittings

The evolution of the already perfected Ghost Fittings. We wanted to put the best fittings out in the market while giving as many color combinations as possible. 



Advanced LRT 20014

Do we need to say more? The flagship product that started it out for us perfected. 



Metal Wetbench

The infamous Wetbench is released becoming the major test bench for major outlets such as JayTwocCents, Paul's Hardware, and Tech Source.



True Fluid

After years of research, True is released with a full line of transparent and opaque fluids adding up to 28 colors.

I have to say that your customer service is one of the best that I have dealt with. Every time I had a question about using your product, you would answer my questions usually with a few hours.
— A. Alarcon
Really Realy fast response time. My problem got fixed within 6 hours of making an RMA, Filled out Form, 2 minutes later replied email, 5 or so hours later received tracking for Replacement part. best company I have ever dealt with! Great company!
— D. King
Very impressed with the urgency that this small issue was addressed. I have never experienced this type of positive response from a company or customer support. I will continue to purchase from Primochill as well as pass on how great this experience was. Thank you so much for your care. Sam
— S. Stepro
Excellent products, huge variety, made in America, with amazing support and service. It actually doesn’t get any better than that. Primochill is absolutely top notch.
— G. Bullard
You guys have been very helpful, great company always have returning customers because of their customer supports! A+
— J. Li
Amazing! I assumed I would be sent a replacement unit. However you guys didn’t have any left in stock. As a result the CS rep said you were sleeving a new 24pin cable. That is just awesome. This kind of response, above and beyond expectation, especially for a relatively small item, is what makes for a lifetime customer. Thank you!
— A. Prus


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