Here at PrimoChill, we pride ourselves on making the best tubing for water cooling applications. Made here in the USA, our LRT Advanced tubing and Rigid PETG are both renowned for their clarity and quality.


PrimoFlex™ Advanced LRT™ Tubing has been designed, formulated, and manufactured for today’s evolving standards in the PC water cooling industry. Advanced LRT™ has been carefully formulated to perform in a wide range of closed loop cooling systems, creating the most compatible water cooling tubing ever created.


PrimoChill’s proprietary blend of notably low durometer PVC and more rigid polymer resin provides PrimoFlex™ Advanced LRT™ with an unbeatable bend ratio and durability. PrimoFlex™ has been tested in exacting laboratory set-ups. This included tests with abrupt small radius bends and multiple directional changes. Advanced LRT™ tubing resisted both twisting and collapse in test results. This allows for tighter bends eliminating kinking that can cause cooling failures and reduction in system performance.


Smooth inner walls improve closed loop sanitation. Advanced LRT™ smooth surface inhibits particulate gathering or entrapment onto the tubing wall. This reduces the potential of bacterial growth and contamination. With this technology, Advanced LRT™ will keep your system looking and feeling as clean as the day it was installed..


Included in the package at no additional cost is a 15mL bottle of SysPrep – Cooling Loop Pre-Treatment as well as a 15mL bottle of Liquid Utopia. Any successful venture into water-cooling starts with a true cooling loop preparation which can only be achieved by using Sys Prep™. It will “flush” your loop and its components of any debris left by the manufacturing processes of your reservoir, block, pump, or radiator, leaving your water cooling loop clean, clear, pristine and ready for any type of coolant. Once your LRT tubing is crystal clear the Liquid Utopia offers a full line of protection against algae and corrosion.



PrimoChill has you covered from the beginning of your build to the end. For the first time a bundle is available that harmoniously matches a perfect tubing solution with a cleaning solution as well as a distilled water additive that ensures a clear, clean, and protected cooling loop!



Being the first on the market, we have had years to create the perfect finish on our LRT tubing. In addition to our glass like finish, we ensure that there is never any branding or other blemishes on our tubing.

Superior uv transmission

Looking for that UV pop? Then rest assured we got you covered. From 5 primary colors to choose from, our UV selection will work in almost any build.

Environmentally Responsible

One of our most important measures when creating a new product here at PrimoChill is it’s impact on the environment. Just like our fluids, we have dedicated years to research and development. We have made a continual promise to our customers by delivering non-toxic and safe products. Our LRT tubing is no different.



3/8 x 1/2

3/8 x 5/8

7/16 x 5/8

1/2 x 3/4

PrimoChill is once again helping performance enthusiasts, case modders, and those in search of the “Next Best” thing in watercooling. PrimoChill Rigid PETG Tube is one step further in the evolution of computer watercooling enabling the user to make the tightest bends and straightest runs without the need of excessive compression fittings and 90 degree angle rotaries. The less your build requires the more time and money you save searching for the right fitting.


Comes in a variety of colors to fit your individual build.



Like our LRT tubing, our PETG took years to devlop insuring a glass like transparency without any branding or blemishes on our tube.


Superior strength to acrylic

Unlike Acrylic tubing, PETG isn’t fragile. It can withstand dropping nor will it shatter. It’s user friendly in terms of hardline tubing, scratches less easily, and is the easiest tubing to bend. If you want a clean look without the headaches PETG will never do you wrong.


Thick walls for safe operation

Thicker walls translate into stronger tubing. Our PETG can stand high temperatures without giving way or completely collapsing. This makes the process safer the operator.

vivid colors available

As always, PrimoChill has you covered on variety. 9 colors to choose from in which 3 of those react to UV. This is the solution for you  if you’re the type of builder that want’s to keep it simple and use clear fluid, but still wants that pop of color.

Environmentally Responsible

Just as with our LRT, the PETG tubing line is done responsibly without using dangerous chemicals or hazardous waysof manufacturing. Our tubing is created right here in the U.S.A. ensuring that it meets every environment guideline possible. 


3/8 x 1/2

5/8 x 1/2