Jeff Colia, or MetalJeff, is a modder and system builder from Portland, OR.  Using hand tools, as well as CAM technology, Jeff excels in making one-off custom parts, giving his builds a unique look. Trying to work in a minimalist style, Jeff uses light and color, as well as a variety of materials, to tie a build together and bring out a clean aesthetic. Living in the Pacific Northwest, Jeff credits his interest and involvement in modding largely to the active community in the area, with events like PDXLAN frequently hosting modding contests.

I started modding about 3 to 4 years ago while upgrading my gaming PC to support watercooling. Once I finished my first build I was hooked, I sat down at my desk to start gaming and came to the realization that modding my PC was actually more fun than gaming was! Since then I have been modding every single day in every moment of free time. I have been fortunate enough to have my builds featured in Custom PC magazine, nominated and win Mod of the Month on Bit-tech, judge a world wide modding contest, and start up my own business building mods and custom parts for people around the world. Modding has changed my life for the better and I am very grateful for all the friends, colleagues, and companies who have supported my dream. The possibilities are endless and I am anxious to see what new and exciting opportunities the future brings! Mod on!

I’m Peter Brands, 35 years young and from a little town in the middle of The Netherlands called Urk. I’m an electrician, and mostly active on trawlers, vessels and luxury yachts. I’ve been an online gamer and hardware enthusiast since 1995 where I got my online nick ‘L3p’ and started modding in 2009. Some might know me from my desk-pc builds ‘L3p D3sk’ and Cross Desk or scratch build ‘L3pipe’. Also some people like to see me as a modder but I see myself more as a passionate liquidcooling enthusiast.