Taking your system to the next level is an art form driven by color and textures. PrimoChill’s latest offering of water cooling components has married these features into one incredible family of parts poised to dominate the market once again. Whether you want a system that is subtle and understated or one that stands out in a crowd, you have the ability to control every single component, without compromise.  

What makes the SpectraX Unique?


We began our journey as a modification company here at PrimoChill. And through our experiences the team discovered that there wasn’t an easy and affordable way to get the customization for the parts we needed. We got tired of using the same three colors. So we welcome you to the new and improved SpectraX line.


One of the largest challenges by introducing such a variety of colors was doing it in such a way that quality would never be shorthanded. The goal was always to offer the best quality products with the most variety in customization. After years of refining our techniques the task is complete. Enjoy!


When in the research and development stages our team put a lot of focus onto the consistency between all of our products in the SX line. We wanted the customer to be able to order a Sky Blue CTR one year, and the next year order the same color RSX fittings with a perfect match. Mission accomplished.


Reservoir & Pump Rings