The much anticipated EximoSX are here!  These radiators are designed for great performance in a variety of system conditions.  The Eximo sports a thin 30mm profile that makes it compatible with smaller enclosures and keeps a clean appearance.  The internal core has seven dual pass coolant lanes for unparalleled system flow and optimal cooling.  Combine this with separate intake and outlet tanks, this radiator has little flow resistance.  The fins and tubes are layed out to optimize lower RPM fans while maintaining elite performance.  

We next introduced the SX family of colors for unprecedented watercooling color matching in the PrimoChill product family. Match your rad with your fittings, your reservoir, your pump, and your cpu block for stunning visual results.  This powder coating process is applied individually to each radiator ensuring a durable finish.


High density tube/fin ratio for extreme heat dissipation

Optimized fin/tube layout for low RPM fans

7x Dual pass coolant lanes, for unparalleled system flow

Dualtone SpectraX color options available


Fan Mount Holes

M3 | 15mm spacing


Brass & Copper




1.5 Bar

Heat Transfer Tubes

14 Copper