PrimoChill takes pride in providing solutions, and PC Ice is the solution to your water cooling fluid dilemma. This revolutionary cooling formulation takes a giant step in the world of water cooling-leaving the competition in a puddle of their own sweat. PC Ice is intended for the casual user looking to get into water cooling without worrying about their system springing a detrimental leak*. Its clean, low viscosity and low chemical makeup creates an excellent coolant for your PC. If you are looking for an affordable and efficient solution as well as a peace of mind, the ONLY solution is PC Ice. The name hasn't changed, the performance is still top notch, the cost is still outstanding, leaving PC Ice ounce for ounce STILL your best choice.



  • Repeatable chemistry for Identical colors every time.

  • Designed for users to fill it and forget it.

  • Pre-measured and pre-dyed. Ready to add to your system.

  • Cleanest coolant formulation in the water cooling industry.

  • Preservative and APE free.

  • Special inhibiting ingredients that prevent sludge build up of algae and galvanic corrosion.


  • Bottle Size: 32 fluid ounces

  • Shelf Life: 2 years (unopened)

  • Mix Ratio: Use as Bottled


  • Additives / Fluids: PC ICE only

  • Do not mix ANY additional additives, coolants or silver coils with ICE. This will change the formulation of ICE causing undesirable results.

  • Safe to use with all rubber gaskets, acrylic tubing, pvc tubing, petg tubing, glass tubing, as well as nickel and copper components.


We recommend a thorough cleaning of all tubing and system components prior to priming your system with ANY coolant. Flushing your system with Sys Prep (not included) is recommended to remove any particles as well as any residual chemicals that may exist from previous build or the tubing manufacturing process. It also neutralizes the PH balance in your loop. This is the driving force behind the stability and vibrance of your color. Every system is different and will have varying starting PH levels. The longer you run the SysPrep mixture in your system the better the results will be! Some systems are balanced after only a few hours while in rare cases others may take days to achieve this.

As with all Low-Conductive fluids, PC ICE can become conductive if it comes in contact with excessive dust or other fluids that may be conductive. The Low-Conductive aspect of PC Ice is used as a safety measure only. It is always a good idea to keep your system clean and free of dust, especially in a water cooled system. Recommend: Pre-treat your system with Sys Prep (not included) to achieve a clean loop and to ensure optimal non-conductive results.

As with all custom loop water-cooling, continual maintenance and frequent inspection is required. ICE will need to be replaced every 6 months, depending on the complexity and conditions of your loop this time frame may vary.

Use of this product with aluminum components (such as aluminum constructed radiators) is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED and will void the fluid warranty. PrimoChill will not support or replace fluids used with an aluminum radiator.
Do not mix ANY additional additives, coolants or silver coils with ICE. This will change the formulation of ICE which can cause the fluid to solidify or break apart.

Known incompatible radiators include but NOT limited to:

  • Thermaltake RL Series - Radiators

  • EK Aluminum Kits

The use of any colored fluids/dyes WILL ABSOLUTELY stain your components in your cooling loop including rigid and flexible tubing, acrylic reservoirs, and blocks. Prolonged use will cause permanent staining of your components. Severity of staining will be based on the color. Use of this product is at your own risk. PrimoChill will not replace stained components.

Color Loss
During the initial application of ICE, the product may change/lose its original color when added to your loop within the first 24-48 hours. This is a common, well known occurrence. If this happens to your system, immediately drain and flush it out with DI or Distilled water. Once the system has been drained and cleaned, refill your system with ICE fluid once again. ICE will over time help neutralize your cooling loop, which will then stabilize the color.

High Pressure Systems
The combination of high pressure loops and micro-channel water blocks will accelerate the breakdown of ICE coolant. We STRONGLY recommend using a pressure relief valve in every water-cooling loop.

PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.