PrimoChill BASE High Purity Deionized Water with no chemicals or additives creates an excellent starting point to develop your coolant. If you are a DIY geek looking for an affordable High Purity Deionized Water, Pre-dyed base, the ONLY solution is PC Base Intensified™.

Need some color?

PC Base Intensified™ has been updated with our new Intensifier™ line of water-based dyes, to give you the most intense looking and glowing coolant on the market today. This fluid product line is for the Do It Yourself-er looking to make their own coolant but in need of a solid foundation to build it from


  • A Great Base for any coolant project

  • Does not include any special inhibiting ingredients to prevent sludge build up like algae (anti-microbial additive) and galvanic corrosion (corrosion inhibitor)

  • A Great Base for any coolant project

  • Ready for you to make your own coolant. (Add color if you wish!)

  • Multi-Filtered Polished Water

  • Safe on all plastics, rubbers, and miscellaneous gasket materials, including Acrylic



We recommend a thorough cleaning of all tubing and system components prior to priming your system with ANY coolant.  Flushing your system with Sys Prep will remove any particles as well as any residual chemicals that may exist from previous build or the tubing manufacturing process 

PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.