PrimoChill & Bykski Partnering Up


We’re excited to announce some big news here at PrimoChill. We’ve been hard at work this year to introduce new products along with looking into a partnership that will only be beneficial for our amazing customer base.

So we’re proud to announce that Bykski and PrimoChill are officially partnering up to ensure that you get the most products possible at the highest quality.

So what does this mean for PrimoChill? Well for starters this opens up a brand new avenue for our customers to get high quality Bykski waterblocks with ease. On top of that our amazing customer service will also be there to help support Bykski’s products.

In addition, this is an unique opportunity as we’ll be adopting Bykski’s blocks into our ecosystem, along with evolving them into our SX family. They’ll be tested with our hardware and will become part of a solid ecosystem that we’ve worked so hard to create. This partnership will truly expand our product line for beginning and advanced watercoolers alike.

With this partnership aside, we’re more emerged than ever on our own projects, including waterblocks, cases, reservoirs, fittings, and so much more. Our goal has always been to continually evolve and change the landscape of computer watercooling. We’ve been committed to this idea for the last 17 years and we look forward to doing it for the foreseeable future.

This is an exciting partnership that we know will be beneficial to all of you. So look forward to all the exciting upcoming products, and until next time keep it cool!