Staff Build

Apology for the lengthy comment. Our Creative Director insisted we post his insight. So without further ado a letter from our Creative Director.

Meet Tyrion P. Named after the color Tyrian Purple, but more importantly after my favorite character in Game of Thrones. I thought it be fitting to name my first watercooled PC after him. You see, just like Tyreal’s character, opportunities and risks come to all of us. And it’s what we do with these opportunities that makes life so unique and fascinating. So being that I work for a watercooling company I knew it was my obligation to master the processes of doing a custom loop. And although I found it daunting at first, I soon realized that it’s a lot less scary and a lot more rewarding than I first imagined. With due diligence, careful planning, and lots of help from my peers, it became apparent to me on why you all love this industry so much. It was by far one of the more gratifying experiences I’ve had. And even though I was incredibly happy with the final product, I would be lying to you if I said that there weren’t obstacles and struggles. Like any form art, it takes patience and a lot of swearing to master a craft (which I’m not quite there yet). In fact, let’s say I was quite thankful for being next to the room that holds all of our PETG tubing. To be honest I needed a stick or two. . . Or ten. So I write this to speak to all of our new watercoolers out there. I want you to know that you are not the only ones that have no idea what they are doing. There’s thousands of us that are intrigued by this craft yet brutally terrified of it. So as a company we pledge to all of you that we will continue our pursuit to create an experience that makes watercooling easier to understand. Within the next few months we will be pushing out instructional videos, a new website that explains the exact process of watercooling, expansive manuals, and other assets for all of you. We want this to be something that you love as much as we do.

So thank you for your continued support. You are the true MVP’s, the people that make this all viable. The community that keeps us striving to see what’s possible. You are the inspiration to all of us here at PrimoChill. So keep sharing your creations .Keep giving us feedback. Keep being part of the community. Your voice is heard.

So until next time, keep it cool.

Nestor Pena
Creative Director of PrimoChill