It may seem like an extra hassle, but cleaning all your hardware properly will significantly increase the stability of life of your fluid. Here’s the hardware to focus on when cleaning.


Even new blocks often times need extra love due to machining oils left on them and possibility of debris. Taking your blocks apart and hand scrubbing then will ensure that they are clean and safe for all future fluids. Below are some tips and tricks on cleaning blocks.

  • We recommend using a toothbrush and regular non sent soap or our system soap when cleaning these blocks.

  • Feel free to drop your blocks in soap and water and let sit for a hour.

  • Cleaning those o-rings never hurt as they can have oils on them.

  • Pay attention to your hardware when taking apart your block. Video tape yourself taking it apart if you feel you wont remember how to put it back together. Test leak them before installing them back in your system.

  • Ensure that you thoroughly rinse and dry your block before putting it back together.


Cleaning fittings can be done quick and dirty. Simply get your toothbrush and soap, do a quick scrub and rinse, and dry off.

Reservoirs & Pumps

Similar to your blocks, you want to scrub your reservoir components down to ensure that there’s no machine oils or other debris in your reservoir. If you’re using a D5 pump, you can easily take off the top as it’s magnetic, and give a quick scrub inside the pump as well.

  • If you decide to unassemble one of our reservoirs, be sure to reassemble it properly. For more information and instructions visit the reservoir product page.

Step 3 - Building your loop

  • Every loop is different and has it’s own challenges. Although there are some tips while building your loop that will help with your successful prepping

    • Always be aware of your surroundings and possible debris that can enter your loop while it’s being built. weather it’s plastic clipping from cutting your tube, or debris from drilling into cases, be sure to pay attention and try to keep your working space around you clean. Often times this debris can enter your loop while you’re assembling it causing issues in the long run.

    • If doing a PETG hard-loop, ensure that you use safe lubricants when using your S-tube to bend. We recommend Dawn dish soap or our System prep. After making your bends be sure to thoroughly rinse the tubing before connecting it back up to your hardware. If not properly rinsed, the lubricant from the bending can cause a soapy affect in your loop that will require extensive draining. If for some reason you forget to do this rest assured it won’t hurt your loop. Simply drain and fill, and repeat with Di/Ro water until your loop is clear.


Step 4 - adding PrimoChill’s Sys prep

  • With any new system, doing an initial fluid prep is always recommended. PrimoChill’s System Prep is the perfect solution to get a brand new system ready for it’s new fluid. Follow these steps for the proper way to prepare your system for your new fluid.

  1. Install your cooling loop and double-check connections to ensure loop is “closed”. No Leaks!

  2. Empty bottle of SysPrep into 1 US Gallon of fresh DI or Distilled water, and shake for 30 seconds

  3. Add mix to cooling loop.

  4. Fill loop with treated water and be sure to remove as many air bubbles as possible.

  5. Start loop pump and begin circulating the treated water.

  6. Run treated water for at least 12 to 24 hours to ensure loop is properly flushed and treated. While using for longer periods of time doesn't have negative effects, Sysprep is not an effective final coolant and should be replaced with coolant before any extended use of computer.

  7. Drain System. Inspect drained water for debris or foreign particles. Dispose of drained water. Repeat flush if needed.

Step 5 - Choosing the right coolant for you

Now onto the big question. What fluid are you deciding to use? Each fluid has their pros and cons and for extensive information checkout our fluid page. The biggest questions are as followed






fluids that have Anti Corrosive and Anti Algae properties premixed