Primochill fittings were developed due to a large demand in the industry. As water cooling trends changed and more started using water to cool computers, builders needed a simple and effective fitting that wouldn’t leak, period. Using industry standard materials, made to precision, we introduced a new standard of water cooling fittings.


Years in the making. The RSX fitting truly represents the principles of PrimoChill. A fitting built for functionality complimented by its distinct aesthetics. Not all fittings are created equal. The RSX is proof of this. Yet, the road has been proven difficult. Protypes. Revisions. Testing. More testing. Back to the drawing board. Tears. Sweat. Long nights of no sleep. More revisions. Until finally now. A product you deserve. A fitting that gives you the creative freedom all while making sure your PC is taken care of. We understand that water cooling is more than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle. We don’t mess around. This one’s for you.


Handcrafted Aluminum

Compression caps created in a multiple step process that achieves corrosion resistance with an uncompromised finish.


Color Correctness

SpectraX powder coated caps for unprecedented color correctness and long term consistency.

Unique Design & Simplified usage

Patent Pending compression fittings that lead the industry in innovation and ease of use. The RSX has a quick and simple installation with minimization of leakage or cross threading.

Industry Standard

G 1/4 threaded brass core plated in bright nickel for unbeatable corrosion resistance.



1 | Tool Included

Tool provides easy removal of cap.

2 | Diamond Knurl

Exception gripping for turning of cap. 

3 | Patent Pending Design

O-Ring compression sealing pipe coupling system.

4 | Thread Engagement

Precise stack of threads with starter threads for proper sealing force.


1/2 in OD


Nickel Plated Brass

O-Ring Material


Cap Material

Powder Coated Aluminum



The REVOLVER fittings are my go-to fittings when I need fittings for my RIGID tubing systems, hands down best quality and easiest fittings to use.
— Lee Harrington |
I personally like to use PrimoChill Revolver Fittings. I’ve used them in Skunkworks, I’ve used them in Red Mist both times and I also used them in the AMD water cooled build. I just really stand by their fittings, they seem to have the tightest seal.
— JayzTwoCents